Don’t say I can’t, Just do it

I woke up one day, and I was upset about my career path. Ever since childhood, being an editor or broadcaster was my dream, but I wasn’t allowed to at that time. Thus, I chose a special education program instead of Media in my bachelor’s degree. Then, my master’s degree was in a digital media program where I found my passion. Some of my classes were about writing content and the ways to use social media to publish.

My job was not in the Media field, which was disappointed. Thus, I start looking for opportunities in this field, but I wasn’t lucky enough to find my dream job. Then I realized something is missing, something blowing up my opportunities.

After tired of getting a job; I insist to change my situation and decided to work more on my strength and weakness and improve my skills. Digging in the field and learn everything about digital media, writing content, and promoting content. Finally, I choose to specialize in Digital marketing.

I encountered lots of issues; begging of that I can not study without my boss’s permission. Besides, how I could balance my time between my job in the morning, and my study in the evening, especially with my husband and two kids without a babysitter, it is almost impossible to do it. I choose to not give up and waste more time stare into the void while I know I am capable enough and deserve a better job in the field that I like.

Until a new idea come to my mind, I start thinking of online studying. I will be able to study between my family and there is no need for my boss’s permission. After deep searching, I found the Misk academy and Udacity and their nano degree programs. There are many benefits of these online programs; It’s online as I prefer, not expensive, and I could finish it in just 4 months. Also, they have the best experts in the field. More interestingly, it is both theoretical and practical links the curriculum to real life. They make their students work with real companies and existing projects. I said, “I cannot miss this great chance I must follow my passion and make my dreams true


4 آراء حول “Don’t say I can’t, Just do it

  1. وفاء كتب:

    ماشاء الله عليك الله يوفقك ويوفق الجميع لتحقيق احلامهم ، فعلا تصلين لمرحله انا ليش بهالمكان مو هذا اللي كنت ابغاه مو هذا اللي احلم فيه وتبداين رحلة الحلم من جديد .
    ذكرتيني بايام جميله عشناها بالجامعه وجدت نفسي في الماجستير ، لكن فعلا بتخصص البكالوريوس كنا نردد مادخلت برغبتي مو هذا اهتمامي .
    وفق الله الجميع لما يحبه ويرضاه ، دمتي بود

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  2. Ahmed Sindi كتب:

    Mashalla, very nice article and reflected what you’ve learned in the class. Very proud to be your mentor in the program. I wish you can benefit from this nanodegree and it helps you achieve what you’re looking for.

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